Maintenance Plan

What happens in an emergency?

You will have access to a 24 hour, 365 day worldwide dental emergency helpline, which will endeavour to find on English speaking dentist to assist you.

What does the supplementary insurance cover?

Your Supplementary Insurance provides:

  • cover for:
  • up to £10,000 worth of treatment following dental injury
  • temporary emergency treatment whilst away from home in the UK or abroad (up to the limits specified)
  • the call-out fee charged by a dentist opening the surgery to treat you in an emergency (up to the limits specified)
  • hospital cash benefit if under the care of an oral / maxillofacial surgeon
  • cash benefit if diagnosed with oral cancer
  • 24 hour access to a worldwide emergency helpline

The Supplementary Insurance is designed to cover the cost of temporary emergency treatment whilst you are away from home and therefore excludes the cost of emergency treatment carried out by your own dentist, a rata dentist, or any other dentist within a 15 mile radius of your practice. However, call-out fees charged by any dentist to open their surgery (including your own dentist) are recoverable up to policy limits.

In the event of a dental injury, treatment carried out by any dentist (including your own dentist) is covered up to policy limits.

Please refer to the Policy Summary and Important Information leaflet and the Policy for full details of the benefits, terms, conditions and exclusions.

Terms within this page are subject to change without notice.