Emergency Dentistry

If you experience a dental emergency or dental injury outside of surgery hours, your dentist can be contacted by phoning the practice, where you will be directed to the dentist on-call.

Denplan Patients
Denplan patients can contact the Denplan helpline who will contact your dentist on your behalf. Otherwise details for the on-call dentist can be contacted by phoning the practice.

Dental emergency and dental injury claims are included in your dental payment plan as part of the Supplementary Insurance provided by Denplan.

Full details of the policy can be found at:

Please note that Denplan patients are subject to a maximum fee of £20.00 at the time of call-out.

Private Patients
Private patients can contact the practice for details of how to contact your dentist.

The fee for an out of hours emergency call out and consultation is £120. Please note, there may be additional treatment costs.